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Summer menu starting at Easter. Today's choices may be slightly different.

Prices in € Tax Included.

We offer week's or day's specials depending on supplies at the market.

We can satisfy vegans' needs and treat special diets on demand.

We use organic and local products and we prefer buying from fair trade suppliers when possible.

A group menu option is possible on request.

Cold Starters
Andalusian Gaspacho 4.90
Wakame Seaweed Salad 6.00
Vegetarian Nems 4.00
Indian Salad w/Yogurt Sauce 5.90
Shawarma w/Chickpeas Hummus 9.90
Hot Starters
Miso Soup 4.90
Briouat w/Goat's Cheese & Tomato 5.80
Samossas w/Chef's Chutney 5.80
Mediterranean Pastela 5.80
Main Courses
Tabbuleh 8.50
Andalusian Gratin 9.90
Tajin w/Dried Fruits and Millet 11.80
Curry w/Chickpeas, Coliflower & Tofu 10.90
Japanese Fried Rice w/Vegetables 9.90
Quorn w/Vietnamese Lemon Grass & Coconut Sauce 11.90
Lemon Sorbet w/Cava 5.90
Tiramisú 5.90
Home Made Ice Cream 4.20
Children's Ice Cream 2.00
Sweet Briuat with Honey 5.00
Black Chocolate Mousse 4.00
Melon with Mint 4.00
Home Made Yogurt 2.00
Organic Goat's Milk Kefir 3.00



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